Product Highlight – Jan 2016

January 2016 – Product Highlight

This month’s product highlight focuses on Champion Cutting Tool and their XL5 & XL28 platinum drill sets. We are also including their XLUB-WAX, as it is the perfect drilling companion.


Twister-XL5 & XL28 Brute Platinum Drill Sets
29 piece | HSS | 1/16″ thru 1/2″ x 64ths

XL5 – the ultimate workhorse for drilling tough alloys including stainless steel. They feature a 135º degree split point, unique web geometry and NOMO surface treatment for fast penetration rates and long tool life.

XL28 – with 135º degree split point, mechanics length drills are shorter rigid twist drills with flatted shanks for fast chucking in keyless chuck power tools.



Formulated to extend tool life, reduce chip welding and clings to the tool at any angle, including overhead operations. Continuous shield against friction and heat, reducing tool costs and work piece scrap. Provides a close tolerance precision finish. Effective on stainless steel, aluminum, and exotic alloys.

Recommended for portable and fixed drilling, reaming, and threading. Improves cutting tool life. Especially effective on metal sawing applications. Apply directly to cutting tools and work-piece surfaces.


Product Highlight – Jan 2016