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It’s all about controlling your overhead costs while positively impacting your productivity. When using the correct data, this becomes possible. When using that data correctly, this becomes powerful. That’s the Perry Mill Supply difference.

Referencing your history, our Inventory Management team works with you, and your salesperson, to identify critical items. Our proprietary system is then customized to understand your preferences of inventory control. With your items, your history, and your preferences in place, suggested inventory levels are achieved and the magic of ideal replenishment begins. There’s never a need to run over or short on inventory again.

With this service, you’re not only in full control, but you have full visibility. Unlike some of our competitors, we present all of the data to you… and there’s a lot of data to be seen. Without supporting data, everything is just a guess.

Our programs are designed to offer the best possible methods of inventory tracking and expense management. Whether you decide to maintain those tasks yourself, or prefer that we maintain them for you, these programs offer a substantial savings in both time and effort. It’s our focus on your savings that separates us from the rest.

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